The process of a criminal trial can be stressful and frustrating. Additionally, the consequences of a conviction can be devastating. Fortunately, Florida offers options for individuals to lessen the impact that a trial might have.

Depending on the severity of the offense and your criminal history, you might be eligible to take part in a diversion program. These programs provide an alternative to the criminal process and a way to avoid the risk associated with a traditional jury trial. A defense lawyer at Michael J. Snure, P.A., will thoroughly examine your situation and provide clear legal direction regarding your options.

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Trial Diversion Programs?

If your application for a diversion program is approved, your court proceedings are suspended. You will have to provide a written agreement to the terms of the program. Typically, terms can involve:

  • The type of program: This is usually related to the nature of your charge. For example, the judge might order substance abuse counseling in a drug case or traffic school in a DUI case.
  • No new offenses: Typically, a new charge or arrest for a new crime will negate the diversion program.
  • Dismissal of charges: If you successfully complete the diversion program, the court agrees to dismiss your charge.

The single greatest benefit of successfully completing a pre-trial diversion program is that your charges will be dismissed. Additionally, individuals will be able to avoid the time commitment that the trial process requires as well as any court costs that would be paid.

Our founding partner, Michael J. Snure, is board-certified in criminal trial law. Less than 1 percent of all lawyers in Florida have earned such designations. Our attorneys' collective knowledge and more than 30 years of experience put us in an exceptionally strong position to provide the effective criminal defense representation our clients require.

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