Drug manufacturing is a serious offense in Florida. You could face substantial fines and lengthy prison sentences if you are convicted. There can be a number of effective defenses in many of these cases, and a qualified attorney can help to ensure that your rights are protected. At Michael J. Snure, P.A., we provide skillful defense representation to Orlando area clients in a variety of drug manufacturing cases.

Many people are not aware of their rights in these matters and plead guilty to a serious criminal charge or agree to a plea deal without even exploring their defense options. When you hire our firm, we take the time to conduct a thorough investigation, reviewing police reports and any other evidence the prosecution intends to use against you. A violation of your rights, the mishandling of evidence or a problem with the warrant can all provide the keys to an effective defense.

Protecting Your Rights In Complex Florida Drug Crime Cases

We have extensive experience defending clients against the manufacture or cultivation of all types of illegal drugs. The evidence in many of these cases is largely circumstantial. Police will sometimes build their cases based on our clients' possession of ingredients or equipment for manufacturing drugs. We work to dismantle the prosecution's case and use any flaws in its evidence to present a more compelling defense.

We have experience defending clients against charges for the manufacture and cultivation of all types of illegal drugs, including:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Ecstasy
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • K2/Spice and other synthetic forms of marijuana
  • Marijuana grow houses

Speak With A Qualified Florida Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

We offer a no-obligation initial consultation where you can discuss your drug manufacturing case with an attorney. Contact our Winter Park office at any time. You can reach us by phone at 407-469-6200 or via email to schedule an appointment.