How Do I Lawfully Conceal My Weapons In Florida?

Conceal and CarryUnder Florida law, individuals who meet certain requirements can acquire a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is against the law. Even people who have a concealed weapon permit (CWP) must follow many rules or they could face felony charges.

If you have been charged with violating concealed weapon laws, it is essential to have a defense lawyer who understands these laws and how they apply to your unique situation. Michael J. Snure, P.A., provides tough, effective representation to individuals facing all types of charges, including weapons charges.

How Do I Follow Florida's CWP Laws?

The most important thing to do for CWP holders to understand is that Florida does not allow for open carrying of a weapon. Concealed weapon permit holders must conceal their weapons at all times. In addition, CWP holders must carry their license, along with valid identification, at all times when they are carrying their firearm.

One of the most common situations involving CWP violations occurs when a CWP holder inadvertently brings their firearm in a carry-on bag to the airport. Our attorneys can step in immediately, working to minimize the damage of these issues.

Another issue that can arise with CWP holders is that while Florida has reciprocity with some states, it does not recognize CWPs from all states. In addition, you must meet certain residency requirements. These issues are very complicated. If you run into legal issues, our law firm is ready to take decisive action.

What Should I Do If I Don't Have A Concealed Weapon Permit?

If you own firearms but do not have a concealed weapons permit, your weapons must be securely encased and not accessible for immediate use when you are travelling. This means that if you are going to hunt, or are travelling to and from the range, your weapons should be in a case, and should not be in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. If you leave your weapon under the seat or in the glove box, you could be in violation of these laws.

Learn More About Your Concealed Carry Rights In Florida

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