Solicitation of a MinorLaw enforcement officers and prosecutors throughout Central Florida are under heavy pressure to arrest and convict sexual offenders. More and more, police are setting up sting operations using Internet chat rooms to entice or entrap law-abiding adults into activities that can result in them being charged with solicitation of a minor.

If you are under investigation for solicitation of a minor using the Internet, or any related Internet chat room sex offense in Orlando or any other community in Central Florida, don't speak with an investigator or prosecutor until you talk to an attorney at Michael J. Snure, P.A., in Winter Park.

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Michael J. Snure is a board certified criminal law specialists. Successful defense of Internet crimes often involves understanding technical details about the complexities of how data is stored on the hard drive and analyzing the chat sequence to determine the string of conversation between parties. Our attorneys understand the underlying issues of entrapment and can combat the evidence and strategies the State will seek to use against you in order to obtain a conviction.

A conviction for solicitation of a minor using the Internet can result in a lengthy prison sentence and lifetime registration as a sexual offender. Make sure the criminal defense attorney who represents you understands the strategies necessary to effectively fight to protect your future.

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Successful defense strategies can include investigating:

  • The language the police used to entice you into using language to solicit a minor for sex
  • The actual age of the other person in the chat room
  • Whether the State can prove that you were actually the person involved in the Internet chat or message in question
  • Whether a polygraph (lie detector) test can prove your innocence
  • Whether you have a history or arrest record of sexual offenses involving minors

From our offices in Winter Park, our lawyers represent clients charged with Internet sex offenses in the Greater Orlando area and communities throughout Central Florida.

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