Child molestation is an extremely serious offense in Florida. Often referred to as lewd and lascivious molestation, a person can be charged with child molestation for the sexually explicit touching of any person under the age of 16. A conviction in these matters can result in a lengthy prison sentence and mandatory registration as a sexual offender.

Child Molestation At the law firm of Michael J. Snure, P.A., we provide skillful defense representation to clients throughout the Orlando area and across Central Florida. These cases tend to be viewed from an assumption of guilt rather than innocence, and the doubt often remains even if the accused is exonerated. We are discreet in the handling of these matters, working tirelessly to obtain a swift resolution and a positive result for every client we serve.

Working To Protect Your Reputation And Your Future

Many of the sex crime cases our attorneys handle involve false accusations designed deliberately to undermine the reputation of the alleged abuser. We understand the harm that can be done to people who are falsely accused of child sexual abuse, and we will do everything in our power to see that you are not held liable for a crime you did not commit.

We have the skill and the resources to conduct thorough investigations and gather the necessary evidence to present a compelling defense. We review police reports, talk to the alleged victim and review all of the evidence the prosecution intends to use against you at trial. We know how to find the flaws in the prosecution's case and use them to strengthen your defense. Our only concern is avoiding a conviction on your record.

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