ISolicitation f you have been arrested on suspicion of any type of offense involving money for sexual services, it is important that you seek the advice of an attorney with the ability to protect your rights. Whether you were allegedly seeking to hire a prostitute, offering sex for money or operating a business that provides sexual services, the consequences of a conviction can be severe and life-changing.

At the law firm of Michael J. Snure, P.A., we defend Orlando area clients in a wide array of prostitution cases, including prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, loitering with intent to commit prostitution and pandering, among others. We understand the tactics law enforcement agencies use to gather evidence in these cases, and we know how to formulate an effective defense that protects your interests.

Holding The Prosecution Accountable To The Law

Many Central Florida police departments will have officers pose as prostitutes or johns in sting operations to make arrests in these cases. The centerpieces of the prosecution's evidence in these cases are frequently the recordings of the exchanges between the officer and the suspect. Many of the recordings are inaudible, however, and those that are audible often fail to meet the burden of proof for a conviction. Some have even helped us build an entrapment defense.

We understand the embarrassment that our clients face in these cases. We are not here to judge you. We are your advocates. Everything we do is focused on avoiding a conviction in your case. Whether you live in Central Florida or you were visiting the area from out of state, we will be there with you at every step, working tirelessly to obtain a favorable outcome.

Talk To One Of Our Sex Crime Defense Attorneys About Your Case

We offer a no-obligation initial consultation where you can discuss your prostitution case with a lawyer. Contact our Winter Park office at any time to schedule an appointment. You can reach us by phone at 407-469-6200 or via email.