The health care industry is possibly the most regulated industry in the United States. The rules that doctors and medical facilities are required to follow are unmatched, and any violation can result in severe sanctions and possible criminal penalties. If you or your medical organization is the target of an investigation, it is important that you seek the advice of a defense attorney with experience in this complex area of law.

At Michael J. Snure, P.A., we offer defense representation to Orlando area physicians, hospitals, clinics and their employees in a variety of cases involving health care fraud, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud. We know what you stand to lose if you are found guilty of wrongdoing in these matters. We employ effective defense strategies designed to overcome the allegations against you and avoid any encumbrances to your ability to practice medicine in Florida.

Fighting To Protect Your Practice And Your Future

Health Care Many of the health care fraud cases we handle involve allegations of improper billing practices. In some cases, it may be possible to show that the billing discrepancies were no more than improper coding errors or that you had no knowledge of the activity. In others, we may be able to argue that the order for the billing practice came from someone higher in the organization.

We will conduct a complete review of the evidence against you and prepare the best available defense in support of your position. We know how to identify gaps in the prosecution's case, and we know how to use them to your advantage. Your ability to work in the medical profession is on the line in these cases. Count on us to be your advocate.

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We offer a no-obligation initial consultation where you can learn more about your legal options and how we can help you. Contact our Winter Park office at any time to discuss your health care fraud case with a lawyer. You can reach us by phone at 407-469-6200 or via email to schedule an appointment.